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16 Reasons to be Pro-life
Home Social Issues Sexuality
By: Sanjana Ayyappan Email Article
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1. Life begins at conception and a fetus is a living human.

The pivotal point of your stance on abortion is defining what constitutes human life. Life starts at the moment of fertilization. It is not a theory or religious belief, but a scientific fact. According to a research study done by Princeton University, "The development of a human being begins with fertilization, a process by which two highly specialized cells, the spermatozoon from the male and the oocyte from the female, unite to give rise to a new organism, the zygote." [Langman, Jan. Medical Embryology.] The moment a zygote forms there is a unique organism that has never existed before, nor will ever exist in the future. At that moment there is a different set of DNA than the parents and traits like hair color and texture, eye color, complexion, height, weight, and even susceptibility to mental disease is determined. I also want to point out that a fetus can be considered a baby, as a baby is an offspring and the term for offspring in Latin is "fetus". Abortion at any stage after fertilization is stopping the life of a human being that otherwise would have been on the planet like us. At 3 weeks there is a tiny fragile body with a beating heart, at 5 weeks the facial features start to form, at 8 weeks all the organs are functioning, at 10 weeks you can count the fingers and toes and see the nails, and at 12 weeks the fetus can even suck its thumb and show kinesis to sound, light, and touch. Keep in mind that this is just the first trimester. The fetus only gets larger and developed from there, indicating that indeed it is just as much alive and as human as the people inhabiting Earth. A bacteria is considered life on Mars but a growing human in the womb cannot be accepted as life by a wide population. I get so puzzled when people tell me a fetus is not a human. Then what species is it?

2. Abortion procedures are extremely inhumane.

This is the cruelest aspect of abortion that makes me yearn for banning it. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a "safe" abortion. All abortion procedures violently take the life of a living fetus and we should acknowledge how morally wrong that is. Starting from just weeks after conception, if a woman finds out she is pregnant through a pregnancy stick she could take the abortion pill (RU-486). The pill can be offered over the counter and purchased by girls as young as 15 without parental consent. This deprives the growing fetus of nutrients and nourishment and blocks progesterone, which stabilizes the lining of the uterus. This causes the lining of the uterus to break down, depriving the fetus of nourishment. It will die then and there and must be expelled from the mother into a toilet bowl and flushed down the drain. Another option during the first trimester is Suction D and C. During this procedure a suction catheter is inserted into the uterus and a force 10-20 times a household vacuum is applied. This sucks the fetus into tiny pieces. In the second trimester, a Sopher clamp grabs onto a body part and forcefully pulls it off and this continues until the skull is crushed and all the remaining body parts are removed and discarded. Third-trimester abortions account for only 1.3% of abortions but just from Planned Parenthood, this is about 91,000 abortions annually. The fetus is viable and too large to use any of the methods described above so the abortionist will inject Digoxin, a medicine that is typically used to treat heart problems but in the case of overdose imposes cardiac arrest. This is injected directly into the fetus’ body causing an immediate fatal cardiac arrest, stopping the heart. Laminaria is inserted into the cervix to allow the birth of a stillborn baby. All in all, abortion just makes you the mother of a dead baby. Imagine killing criminals the way we kill unborn babies. That would be cruel and unusual punishment.

3. Inflicting pain on human life is unethical and not someone’s right.

A fetus is shown to exhibit a response to stimuli as early as 11 weeks. It is heartbreaking to see a little embryo trying to push against a sharp abortion instrument and fight for its life when we should be the ones helping it survive. Some ultrasounds show a fetus crying and screaming as it is being pulled out. A fetus has fully functioning nerve cells at 19 weeks and can feel pain like we do. Bernard N. Nathanson, MD, is a former abortion doctor and says that when an abortion is performed, "We see (in an ultrasound image) the child’s mouth open in a silent scream. This is the silent scream of a child threatened imminently with extinction." Planned Parenthood lies about providing anesthesia for the fetus, and has been videotaped saying the fetus will be "ripped apart" and it will be "painful". Second-trimester abortions will elicit the same response in a fetus as it would if we were torn apart, crushed, and forcefully thrown away. This should not be considered a woman’s right and is sad that anyone would get an abortion knowing the fate of their defenseless child. Who in the right mind would deliberately cause someone pain, especially someone who has never hurt or wronged them in any way? When the abortion procedure doesn’t destroy the fetus as planned, some abortionists are left with no choice but to leave an extracted, intact embryo out to die in a steel pan. A living fetus is out of the womb and given no care and left alone to meet its demise as it suffers through its first and last few hours on Earth. Pure cruelty.

4. Virtually no abortions occur when the fetus is a "clump of cells."

Human life has been reduced to the phrase "a clump of cells" a countless number of times. They are only cells until embryonic differentiation occurs between the second and third week of pregnancy. During embryonic differentiation, the cells form into tissues and start taking on specific roles in the formation of a human body. The only time you would be aborting a sack of cells is within the first twenty days of pregnancy which is impossible. This is because most women only find out they are pregnant at or after 6 weeks. I saw this on a pro-choice account written by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, stating that they find out through a menstrual period that is two weeks late. They contradict their argument by referring to abortion as killing a group of cells while also proving that women only find out they are pregnant at 6 weeks which is not a sack of cells. At that point, they are aborting a baby who is way past just a cluster of cells and contains vital organs and a beating heart, leading us to this.

5. Stopping a beating heart is literal murder.

A beating heart signifies life. What happens when we die? Our heart stops. If abortion at any stage terminating a human life is not something you can digest (though it is scientifically proven), you at least have to accept that stopping a heart from beating is a homicide. A fetus gets a heartbeat at 21 days and sometimes even as early as 16 days. Without a heart, there is no life which symbolizes that the heart is what provides us the quality of being alive. Anatomically, a heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body and without that our body stops working. The reason we hear about keeping the heart healthy more than other organs is that the heart is the most essential life-giving organ. Abortion stops that something (heart) that gives life to someone (a fetus). The heart does so much for our survival and is the epitome of our existence, which is why intentionally stopping that heartbeat is murder. I have heard the argument which compares abortion to pulling the plug on a brain dead person. These are two independent events that cannot be compared. A brain dead person will never become a "normal" human again but if left unperturbed a fetus will. I would also like to point out that abortion is murder since it is the deliberate and premeditated termination of one human’s life by a separate human.

6. If you know you are financially/mentally/socially unstable then do not have sex and risk pregnancy.

Excluding rape/incest, 99.5% of women had consented sex meaning they accepted the possible consequences and still proceeded to have sex. Only about 5% is due to medical conditions for the fetus where it is inevitable. I have heard the argument "The baby will have a bad life and not deserve the love it needs." They knew they are financially/mentally unstable but still chose to have intercourse. Even when using birth control, they knew it was not 100% effective. They acknowledge that there is a chance of getting pregnant and that they are in unfavorable conditions. This is needless to say for unprotected sex, but even using contraceptives can offer a chance at pregnancy, with condoms, a popular, cheap, and accessible form of contraception, having a mere 85% success rate. Only people who want fun sex use protection, so in the end, it is like they are terminating a fetus because they desired erotic pleasure. This is not only barbaric but gruesome and dehumanizing. Despite being aware of their bad parenting conditions/environment and despite being aware of a chance of pregnancy they still decided to have sex. Now she is pregnant and wants to kill a child out of her selfish actions? You have to take responsibility for your actions so if that means you had sex then you have to be willing to accept the baby, not kill it because you were horny one night. Many pro-choicers’ argument is "they will not have the money or resources to give him/her a good life", but if they knew from the start that they cannot support a baby then why did they have sex in the first place?

7. Killing someone for their probable quality of life is wrong.

You don’t know the future. I don’t know the future. That hot Starbucks barista who spelled your name wrong doesn’t know the future. No one knows the future. You do not know whether your child will have a great life, mediocre life, or even a bad one. Therefore, you should not assume that he or she will for sure have a bad life and settle for killing them right off the bat. I am not saying you have to be an optimist and hope that everything will go amazing, but you should not be so negative as to think killing is the only way to avoid potential suffering. With life there is hope. No matter how terrible the living conditions are, there will be some way, some ray of sunshine that there is a good path for your child. For this to happen your child must be born first. Everyone is loved, everyone is wanted, and everyone deserves to inhabit the Earth no matter how bad circumstances can get. Everyone deserves to celebrate their first birthday and accomplish so much more in their lives. Just because there is a possibility that not everything goes perfect does not mean you can take the life of your child and violate the moral code. Eliminate the suffering, not the sufferer. Give your child the life that you would like to live yourself. Imagine going up to a homeless person and murdering them, and then justifying that with "You are poor. You will not have a good life. Let me just take away your life so that you will not have to suffer." That is what financially unstable parents do to their babies, except for the fact that it is in the womb where you can not see it. Would you kill your daughter just to make sure she doesn’t get raped in the future? Aborting your child stops them from pain and suffering in the way that decapitation stops someone from experiencing tooth decay.

8. Rape does not make a human life any less valuable.

Just as unfair as it is to the mother, rape is an unfair reason to kill a fetus. Why should the fetus suffer for the mistake of its father? We do not even give the death penalty to the perpetrator who committed a felony, but people are all for giving the death penalty to the innocent fetus who had nothing to do with the rape. The fetus is the byproduct or third party of rape with the two parties being the woman and rapist. Children conceived during rape have lives too and do not deserve that to be stripped away when they are guiltless. I am not denying that having the child is a memory of the rape, but who says the abortion won’t serve as a second reminder? Now she has to carry the burden of rape and the guilty conscience of killing her helpless child. Abortion just adds violence to the situation. Abortion doesn’t un-rape a woman - it only adds more violence to her situation. The eleven-year-old girl example is not an accurate representation of abortion as a whole as she is one example out of the several million who abuse abortion for egotistical reasons. Imagine telling a grown person that they do not deserve to exist just because they were born out of rape, with the same going for foster care children who have been constantly told they should not be here. After all, a person's a person no matter how they got here! The reason for conception does not lower the sanctity of human life.

9. The fetus is completely innocent and has the right to live.

No matter what the circumstance is the fetus is innocent and doesn’t deserve this deathly punishment. Even murder can be justified for self-defense and stealing can be justified for feeding your family. The fetus never intentionally did anything bad for you to kill it and that is wrong to do to have a more convenient life. I repeat, killing others so you can have a more quality life is unacceptable. If you stuck a knife through the chest of a 5-month-old baby, you would be charged with manslaughter. If you killed that same baby in the womb, it is a human right and you are applauded for being brave. Do you see the irony here? The only difference between the womb and the Earth is that life is less developed and we cannot hear the fetus cry. If a fetus could talk, it would say "leave my body alone". According to the Constitution, every human has the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". They have every right to live and just because they are less developed does not mean they are less human. Just because the fetus can’t express its right to live does not mean you can take advantage of that and kill it against its will. The fact that someone is dependent or vulnerable should be more of a reason for us to protect them, not harm them.

10. "My body my choice" is only true when your body is the only one involved.

The fetus’ body is the one being aborted. Where is its choice in the killing of its own body? If the fetus is incapable of deciding its life outside the womb then the mother cannot make that decision for the fetus either as it is another human. Bodily autonomy applies to the choices you want to make to your own body and your body only. The moment another life is in the picture, you do not have the choice to decide the destiny of that other human. The body you are aborting is not yours, but a separate living entity located inside you. Just because the fetus lives inside your body does not mean it is your body; this is comparable to a Russian doll. The fetus is merely connected with the umbilical cord with a complete individual body of its own. Women do not have 2 unique sets of DNA, 2 heads, 20 fingers and toes, 2 different hearts with differing heart rates, 4 arms and legs, 4 eyes and ears, etc. The fetus and mother are even awake at different times so it is not a clone or "her body" when there are two separate organisms having different eating and sleeping patterns. How can it be her body her choice when that choice of abortion is forced upon a different body than hers? If it was her body then she would be the one that dies. It is not your body, not your choice.

11. Abortion decreases your respect for human life.

An abortion occurs every 36 seconds. By the time you started reading this, approximately 15-20 innocent babies have been killed around the world. No flags have been lowered, no media is hyperventilating, nothing. Every day this genocide is occurring but we do not acknowledge all the unique, beautiful lives lost in the name of choice. An empty building is ruined and there is an uproar, but actual human lives are lost at an extreme rate and we are silent. It is bad enough that the helpless are put to death, but the fact that people will make abortion look like a pretty present though it is murder in a disguise is the cherry on top. Abortion promotes a society that believes motherhood is a drawback, fertility is a disease, and the unborn are disposable. We should not normalize the act of inhumanely discarding humans no matter what the circumstance is. Babies are worth so much more than what their living conditions or other limitations define them as. By justifying abortion by saying it is worse to be in foster care, you are undermining the lives of all the children in foster care homes and saying they were better off dead. Pop stars Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus have all contributed to Planned Parenthood by advertisement or donations. These celebrities are showing their female youth fans that killing is a positive thing and that human life can just be executed as if it means nothing. How come when a woman has a miscarriage it is regarded as a tragic misfortune? If the life growing inside of her was just "a clump of cells" then why should she feel bad about spontaneously losing a few of those extra cells feeding off of her like a parasite? We feel sympathetic towards them and think about the angelic baby that died, so we should apply that same logic towards what an abortion deliberately does.

12. Women who have abortions are more susceptible to mental disorders.

Abortion not only kills every bit of the fetus but also the conscience of the mother. Compared to the general population, women who have had an abortion are 81% more likely to develop at least one mental issue. There is a 600% increase in suicide in all women who had abortions with teen girls being ten times more likely to attempt suicide than their counterparts who have not had an abortion. There is a 200% increase in preterm birth. There is a 30% increase in breast cancer. There is a 34% increase in anxiety. There is a 37% increase in depression. There is a 110% increase in alcohol use/abuse. There is a 220% increase in marijuana use. There is a 70% increase in self-harm. Over 90% of post-abortive women said they weren’t given enough information to make an informed decision. Women have abortions because they simply feel it is their only option, similar to what suicide is. Both take lives, and both are permanent solutions to temporary problems. Women need support and care. She shouldn’t feel so backed into a corner where she is convinced that killing is the only way out. Prolifers promote positive beliefs and encourage women that they are strong, brave, smart, and capable. This is exactly what a woman needs. She shouldn’t be put down with negative words like "unprepared, young, immature, uneducated, and weak".

13. It is unsettling that the mother who should be protecting, loving, and fighting for her child’s life is the one that wants him/her to die.

I have heard the argument "Our parents make decisions for us all the time". This is undoubtedly true, but that does not give our parents the right to kill us or even abuse us in any way or form. These are the exact things abortion does to an unborn child, highlighting the hypocrisy of that statement. Imagine your mother paying hundreds of dollars to a wicked brute who has promised to end your life using sharp tools and even sell your dismembered parts for profit. You have no choice but to endure this inescapable death penalty for your "crime" of being conceived. This is the terrifying reality of what the 2,400 aborted fetuses every day have to go through. A mother should be the one that secures you, gives you warmth and comfort, and consoles you. She should be the one who is there for you when you need support and love. She should not be the woman who wants you out of the world the most. Abortion is the complete opposite of what feminism is. Girl power should not be confused with killing your baby. There is nothing empowering about ending the life of someone innocent because you could not provide care. What women need is support and the feeling of strength and confidence that they can raise their babies. They should not feel so backed into a corner where they believe killing their fetus is the only way out. You have to kill the suffering, not the sufferer. If we think a mother killing her helpless child is courageous then what other crimes will we start justifying?

14. Abortion is sexist and racist.

Abortion kills unborn children of several minorities at a much higher rate than the national average. In other areas of life, there are government-imposed protections to defend minorities against "disparate impact." If that is true then shouldn’t it be the same for babies in the womb. 82% in NYC and 64% of abortions in Texas are on African American and Hispanic babies. 57% of abortions reported to the CDC nationwide were done on Hispanic and African American women. There are almost as many African American babies aborted as there are born in New York - this is eugenics in action. A report from 2011 showed Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry in the United States target black and Hispanic Americans by placing abortion facilities in communities with high minority populations. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, is quoted saying, "We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population." Looking at the gender perspective, countries like India and China allow for sex-selective abortions meaning the parents abort just because the gender of their baby is not what they desired - usually females. There are 27 million girls killed globally every year and some of them just because they are girls. The sex of your baby does not justify killing them at all and only promotes more gender gap and gender inequality. Again, it is especially sad that people consider abortion feminism when so many females are killed just for that reason. Don’t equate girl power to killing. If you truly supported feminism then you would be advocating for the rights of unborn women, not succumbing to the popular opinion and killing them. Every life matters and no life is lesser than another for being a certain race or gender.

15. Abortion denies all potential.

Abortion does not kill a potential human being; it kills a human being with great potential. Out of the 60 million babies aborted since Roe v Wade we do not know what groundbreaking impacts any one of those humans could have made. Every life has intrinsic value and is filled with so many prospective abilities. When we abort our children we throw away the endless possibilities of what they become, what they accomplish, and what they contribute to future generations. So many mothers finish their education and have a career even when they did not expect to have a baby. So many women, even those who were raped, have come out saying that their unplanned baby was the best thing that has happened to them. There are numerous people who could have been aborted, but were not and became successful. If Justin Bieber was aborted as planned, you wouldn’t have been singing your heart out to Baby when you were nine years old. His mother had suffered sexual abuse and was pressured into abortion. She was seventeen, suicidal, and had a less than shabby relationship with her spouse, and was convinced that her son would be brought into a world where he did not get all the resources and affection he deserved. Still, she made the right decision by letting her child experience the world and just waited to see how life would go for him. This is just one example of so many young, broke, unstable, and single mothers deciding that abortion was not an option for them. Think about how different your life would have been if someone close to your heart was aborted. You would not be the same person you are now and would not have that influence they caused. Realize that this is a sad reality for so many families affected by abortion.

16. Abortion is not healthcare.

Healthcare enhances the quality of life and ultimately saves lives by providing medical assistance. Abortion terminates lives. I can not even begin to fathom how abortion is equated to healthcare when they are obviously on opposite ends of the spectrum. "Medical procedure" is a euphemism for the cold-blooded murder of a tiny human’s life using sharp tools. It is the only procedure that is considered a failure if the victim survives. Remind me again how killing is healthcare. We should be saving babies from cardiac arrest and heart attacks, not imposing it on them. CPR and healthcare teach us how to save people from heart failure so it makes no logical sense of how heart attack abortions, the complete opposite, are also considered healthcare. Would you still consider it healthcare if your doctor killed you? Abortion is not like a kidney transplant or back surgery like normal healthcare is. It leaves women with emotional scarring which normal healthcare shouldn’t do. All abortion methods violently take an unborn child’s life which is plain murder, not healthcare. If suctioning, dismembering, and poisoning is healthcare then might as well add the death penalty to the list because they are more or less the same thing. Abortion is also not a reproductive rights issue as reproduction has already occurred by the time the fetus forms.

Final Thoughts:

Abortion was the number one killer globally in 2018, with a shocking 42 million deaths. Planned Parenthood has several affiliations with supporting child predators, and aided a sex-trafficking case of a fourteen-year-old girl. They opposed legislation that would protect infants born alive after failed abortions. They have also let seven women die in their facility because they did not call the ambulance. A woman named Tonya Reaves was left bleeding to her death for five hours after a failed abortion after denied emergency care. Planned Parenthood makes about $3,270 per one aborted fetus by selling their brain, heart, liver, pancreas, and upper and lower limbs. This is not only crime and infringement of human rights but also morally wrong and ruthless. Women’s rights are human rights and no human has the right to kill another human. The womb is a place for growth and development (and only living things grow) and shouldn’t be regarded as a supernatural place. Also, the pro-life movement is not about trying to control women’s bodies but fighting for abolishing immorality towards the innocent and defenseless. Abortion is an issue about ethics and anyone, no matter whether they have a uterus or not, can fight for the life of someone who will be unfairly killed. I also want to point out that saying "I would never get an abortion, but other people have the choice to is like saying "I am against child abuse, but you can abuse your child if you want." Moreover, if you saw a stranger’s child being abused you would step in and try to help right? It is the same way with the pro-life movement - it supports and advocates for the fetus who does not deserve to be stripped of the gift and constitutional right of life. All in all, abortion is killing and no innocent, irreplaceable, and beautiful baby deserves to be reduced to just a choice.

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