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Female Ejaculation and the G-spot
Home Social Issues Sexuality
By: Eric Jackson Email Article
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Being an extremely sexual person I like many other men became frustrated searching for this all illusive area called the G-Spot (Coined in 1981 by Beverley Whipple honoring Ernest Gräfenberg, M.D.). In recent years after much research I believe I have it figured out. There is no G-spot, it is in fact an area. The original citation by Gräfenberg defines an area that is on the anterior (top) wall of the vaginal canal. Interpretations by readers of those original citations determined that there was a single spot described to be about the size of dime that needed stimulation to bring out a vaginal orgasm. This for me was a large part of the problem. While exploring the interior of the vagina I would try to find this spot. I failed. Since then I have truly discovered the area. The only clear comparison I am able to make is that the area inside the vagina called the G-spot which is really a line, equivalent to the base of the male penis. This area can vary in size, both in length and diameter from woman to woman. As Gräfenberg determined, it is the area that encompasses the length of the urethra within the vagina. It is not a spot at all, nor did Gräfenberg describe it as one.

To understand the mechanisms of female ejaculation you must first have a clear picture in your head of what men and women have in common and what it takes for the common male to ejaculate. When we are conceived we all start out undifferentiated as to sex. Therefore, it is only common sense that we have the same parts. Male testacies descend, my conclusion is they are the organs that would have been ovaries without the Y chromosome. The clitoral hood (prepuce) becomes foreskin of the penis. The labia majora becomes the scrotum, while the labia minora is the actual skin that envelopes the urethra and erectile tissue and becomes the outside skin of the penis. It seems very simple when spelled out in this manner but science makes no such correlation. Now to the actual fluids: Male ejaculate is a combination of things, prostate fluid, produced in the prostate gland, as well as sperm produced in the testis. This is combined prior to ejaculation. For women there is no sperm, nor is there any need for the fluid to be thick and goopy protecting the sperm within. In women the fluid is exclusively produced by the female prostate (or para-urethral sponge) it is equivalent to sweat, produced by the lymphatic systems of the body, not the urinary system. Many will claim that it is urine, but test on the fluid show there is little comparison. The fluid is much more like that of the male prostate gland. Containing the same prostate specific antigens as well as a very high concentration of sugars, which neither are present in urine.

Now most all of us realize that there is little feeling on almost ¾ of the male penis. The entire head of the penis is super sensitive, equal to the clitoris. This provides a great ability to create sexual stimulation there for both men and women. However, very few men will ejaculate by only giving attention to the head of his penis, though it is not impossible. They will have a sexual climax (peak of the hill), but rarely fully ejaculate (top of the mountain). This is what I believe most non-vaginal orgasms are to women. There is a climax, but only to a small degree of what could be. The top and sides of the penis have little sensation. The real area needing attention is the base of the penis where the urethra is clearly visible. The entire shaft of the penis needs consistent pressure and stimulation in order to cause full ejaculation. If you were to imagine an erect penis within an oversized cylinder of equal length and you only had 2 or 3 fingers to access this area around the urethra what would you need to do to cause stimulation and ejaculation. This is how you need to picture, in your head, what is necessary for a woman to ejaculate. There is a distinctive area just inside the vagina on the upper wall running from the very end of the urethra and just behind the clitoris that is the "E-spot, the ejaculation spot". This area runs on both sides and behind the woman’s urethra on the abdomen side. It varies in length and diameter from person to person, just as the penis comes in all shapes and sizes. There has been a widespread idea that a "come here" motion with the fingers will bring an ejaculation orgasm for a woman. This is only partly true. The real situation is that you need to have the smooth area between the first two segments of your finger apply pressure while sliding on this area. It is much more like a Disc Jockey when they slide a record back and forth. Now what happened to the erectile tissue, ah its in there! If you are using the correct motion and pressure you will feel very specific changes to the interior of the vaginal canal. Upon entry you will feel an area (mound) of ribbed tissue bulging from the top of the vaginal cannal, it feels sort of like our throat. After a small amount of time in an excited state there will be changes. First there will be a complete smoothness and opening up of the entire inside of the vagina. Then there will be a tremendous build up of pressure. I will become difficult to keep your fingers inside, but you must. This is the point that 90% of all women stop you or quickly change positions to stop the feeling of having to pee. The only way past this part is trust. As I trusted my friend knew more than I did at age 11, you must trust your partner. There is no way past it without trust and being comfortable enough with your partner. You are both choosing to venture into unknown areas of sexual relations. If you are not comfortable enough with each other there is no way to achieve ejaculation. Men unlike women don’t care, they just want to cum. For women sexual relations are so emotional that there must be comfort and relaxation in order for ejaculation to occur.

It is the job of the partner giving to assure her (the receiver) that it is ok to let it go. When you are getting the feeling that you are being pushed out from the tension of the vagina you are very close and your job is to let her know it is ok. Tell her again and again. She will only get past the instinctive reaction to hold in urine if you allow it. As previously stated it is not urine though you will get everything wet if done correctly. Put down towels in advance to prevent apprehension of wetting the bed.

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For 4 years Eric has been on a mission to inform this misguided world that most women do have the ability to ejaculate and have a real orgasm. He has produced an educational DVD to instruct those who are willing to learn.

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Article Comments
Thank you for writing this article, however there is one thing that I must disagree with. I have been ejaculating since I started masturbating and no g-spot stimulus was ever required. In general I concentrated on the clitoris, and yet the ejaculate was produced anyway. It helps, although it is not necessary, for a woman to have her legs spread, and gravity can sometimes help with this process as well (eg, sitting up as opposed to lying down). Just letting you know. I hope you have a good day!
July 15, 2010 04:02:33
Jane Says

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