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  • Death is a gift to the Believer By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear readers, Death is an absolute phenomenon will happen to every living being. It is impossible to run away from it. We should not be unwary from .... pain throughout his life in his conscience. For this reason, we should try to pursue a life in accordance with Allah’s will. Be entrusted to Allah.

  • The situation of those who turn away from Qur’an By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear readers, Qur’an is a very valuable source which separates truth from falsehood and which cannot be invalidated by any document neither in the past .... Each information it offers should be accepted as the truth and the Sustainer of the Realms should be trusted with a full faith. Be entrusted to Allah.

  • Qur’an was revealed to be followed By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear readers, Rasulullah (s.a.w.) attached great importance to learning, teaching and reading Qur’an. "The most virtuous among you are those .... Be entrusted to Allah. ---------------------------------- [1]

  • Qur’an is not a creature By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear readers, The paper, ink and similar material parts (Mus'haf) of Qur'an which we take in our hands for reading is surely from the realm .... entrusted to Allah. ---------------- [1] Ilhan Apak (Co-ed.), 1994. Yeni Rehber Ansiklopedisi, Vahiy bahsi. Ihlas Gazetecilik Holding A.S., Istanbul

  • Qur’an is not a fabrication By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear readers, As I stated in my previous article, numerous atheists and enemies of Islam have been intensely desirous of altering Qur’an, distorting .... Qurán (with care)? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy." [Nisa, 82] Be entrusted to Allah.

  • What Goes Around Comes Around By Guylaine Dion
    All our thoughts, attitudes and actions are printed and have a result, it's important to choose them carefully. The life rule assumes that everything .... Distinguish the individuals level of evolution 12. Understanding the opposite sex Thank you for reading this article. Love, Success & Happiness

  • Is this believing in Allah (swt)? By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, Our daily lives, family meetings, concerts and chats include so many statements and behaviors which harm the "oneness" belief .... the way we can perceive. Therefore, we must abstain from describing Allah (swt) with words that assign locations for Him. Be entrusted to Allah.

  • We must believe in Allah with His whole attributes By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, Believing in Allah (swt) means believing all Personal and Subuti attributes of Allah (swt) as they are stated in Qur'an which is the .... the right path. He is never hasty to punish. He is patient. We must know and believe in Allah (swt) with these attributes. Be entrusted to Allah.

  • The Personal Attributes of Allah must never be harmed By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, Allah (swt) partially and symbolically bestowed some of His subuti attributes as seeing, hearing, speaking, .. and some of His moral characteristics .... with. If the person sets up partners with me, I let the person with the ones whom they set up partners with me." [Muslim] Be entrusted to Allah.

  • Faith constitutes the base of Islam By Dr. Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, The religion is Islam in the sight of Allah (swt). The ordered religion has an "invisible aspect" related to the heart besides .... #34;. Everyone who says "Lailahe illallah" and believes in Allah (swt) shelters the salvation castle of Allah (swt). Be entrusted to Allah.

  • Faith and Unbelief By Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, The human beings live in an "order" that we call the universe. This organization has a unique and perfect structure. Everything .... the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!" (Tauba, 30) Be entrusted to Allah.

  • Allah (swt) introduced Himself in detail By Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, In my previous article, I stated that Allah (swt) corrected all the wrong information and comments about Him with the last book that was .... (all) their just dues, and they will realize that Allah is the (very) Truth, that makes all things manifest." (Nur, 25) Be entrusted to Allah.

  • There is only one truth in absolute sense By Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, There is only one truth in absolute sense. It is Allah Himself. In various parts of Qur'an, it is ordered that Allah (swt) is the .... die they wake up" [Imam-ı Rabbani] It is true that human beings are aware of the absolute reality when they die. Be entrusted to Allah.

  • The human is a creation masterpiece By Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, The human is a creation masterpiece. He is a respectable creature who is equipped with extraordinary qualifications and capabilities. .... they had to, were incur the wrath of their children. Without doubt, the punishment of them in the hereafter will be more severe. Be entrusted to Allah.

  • Sources of religious knowledge By Ismail Ulukus
    Dear Readers, Islam is the whole of the spiritual values that make the human a mature, decent and happy. He becomes a perfect human being in this way .... "The scholars introduce the knowledge when bid'ahs emerged. Damn the people who hide the knowledge!" [Deylemi] Be entrusted to Allah.

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