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  • Benefits of Owning a Dog By Martina Smith
    People love their dogs and they make great companions. While dog people know there is a benefit for having their furry friend there has been researched .... new best friend. In conclusion, owning a dog can help a person stay active. They will learn how to have compassion and will have a good companion.

  • Why do cats eat mice? Should we let them? By Harper Myers
    Why do cats eat mice? Should we let them? A cat and a mouse are inseparable. We are confirmed by all fairy tales, cartoons, jokes, advertisements, and .... increases due to the fact that the mouse tends to ... run away. If it didn't, then who knows if cats would be equally interested in cat food then.

  • 600 million dogs By Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco is often described as the Father of the Modern Day Animal Rights Movement in the United States. As co-founder of both the world’s largest .... conference in downtown D.C. -- to his undercover work in the Texas oïl Fields owned by Exxon, his track record of victories for animals is remarkable.

  • Causes and Effects of Dog Anxiety By Martina Smith
    Anxiety disorder in dogs can be caused by an illness, previous stint at the rescue center, separation among other causative agents. The disorder is characterized .... to take him to the veterinarian. In most cases, training from a behaviorist –the veterinary version of a psychologist – is all a dog needs to recover.

  • The Benefits of Training Dogs with E-Collars By Martina Smith
    E-collars are essential products for all dog owners as they give them sheer control over their pets. They are often referred to as shock collars, and they .... vital advantages that the e-collar offers you. People with physical disabilities can use it for dog training, without feeling the need to ask for help.

  • Major Key Considerations to choosing a Dog By Martina Smith
    A dog is considered as man's best friend since they make such a good partnership. The initial challenge is always arriving at the ultimate decision .... lifetime commitment to take care of the pooch that should be considered as family. Get equipped with these vital factors and land on a best friend for life.

  • Ways Reduce Dog's Separation Anxiety By Martina Smith
    Keeping pets is a big responsibility, and you need to take care of them even when you leave for work. Unfortunately, some dear dogs will experience separation .... dogs and humans and potential applications for the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs. Biological Reviews, 92(1), 378-388. doi: 10.1111/brv.12235

  • Dog Leashes By Martina Smith
    A leash is one of the essential tools that every dog owner needs to have. A dog leash does more than just keeping your dog close to you when going for .... where it is a law to use a dog leash Cons of dog leashes They prevent dogs from exploring as they wish They can injure the dog if not used correctly

  • How to stop cat from spraying By D'mario Young
    One of the biggest nightmares for cat owners is the tendency of the felines to spray their luminous urine all over the carpet and even the furniture in .... when you are not around. 4. You no longer have to put up with odors With, Cat Spraying No More, you will no longer have smelly carpets and furniture.

  • Facts about Yorkshire Terriers By Martina Smith
    This article will encompass a lot of basic facts about Yorkshire Terriers. It will tell the origins of Yorkies. Additionally, it will show a bit about .... will be entertaining as well as likes to be entertained. A Yorkie will typically live for 13 to 20 years. The undersized Yorkies live for shorter spans.

  • Top 5 Essential Qualities of a Dog Trainer By Martina Smith
    Unless you train your dog as effectively as possible, you are likely to have a hard time with it in the long run. For this reason, it will be prudent to .... inexhaustible. However, highlighting the ones mentioned here will often be crucial for a start. Above all, ensure that you pick an expert with adequate training.

  • How To Get a Dog To Come When You Call By Martina Smith
    You're at the park with your dog. You've tried calling and calling him/her, but they won't listen. Instead of coming to you, the dog runs away .... even weeks, depending on various factors. The best thing is that if your dog learns to respond to a call, grasping other advanced commands will be easier.

  • How To Fend Off Sexual Mounting By Your Puppy By Jonh Lee
    It is often a great shock when a new dog owner finds their puppy mounting their leg; most new dog owners have no idea what to do when this happens. Sometimes .... throughout the life of your dog. Take the time necessary to train you are dog in how you want them to behave around you and the people that come into your home.

  • How To Choose The Right Dog Food To Optimize Your Dog's Health By Jonh Lee
    There are so many dog foods on the market it can be a little tricky to know what is the best dog food for your canine. There are a few factors to consider .... food will label meat as the primary ingredient. Dog foods listing fillers such as corn, wheat, or meat-meal as the major ingredient should be avoided.

  • Recall Leash Vs 4ft Absorbing Dog Leash In Dog Training By Martina Smith
    Depending on the type of training you are performing on your dog, the right leash will contribute greatly to this exercise. Both the recall leash and the .... This type of a leash is recorded to have caused the most accidents. 2. Chain or metal leash - This type of leash is regularly causes injury to your dog.

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