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  • 'Bringing Rhythm and blues back home' By John Gallagher
    A phrase that was coined by the great Bluesman himself Willie Dixon that ĎThe Blues are the roots and everything else is the fruits', but who would .... So when you type your search into Google for RnB, cast your route out from the charts and go into undiscovered waters as there is much more out there.

  • My First Fiction Novel By Van Tellfaster
    I was absolutely elated when we finally landed in Texas, and arrived at the airport waiting area for military basic trainees. But then things quickly went .... novel has an exciting, and pleasing end to it. I hope youíll pick up a copy of my book and enjoy the story. I'd also be interested in your feedback.

  • Darrell Kelley's Songs for the Soul By Morton Ellsworth
    Hip Hop and Rap related Gospel has had a hard row to hoe since itís influence first started being heard back in the 1990ís. It is a little bit like the .... for the word of the Lord. "Here Ends the Lesson" is a song and a prayer, which is what most men women and children need in their hearts daily.

  • Tips That Help You for Playing Ukulele By Richard Jones
    Interested in playing Ukulele? Having difficulties with the Ukulele? If you already started learning and just stuck in the rut, then I have some amazing .... also keep your beloved instrument working smoothly. Itís commonly believed that keeping your ukulele aside for a few days will affect the way it sounds.

  • Things You Need to Know Before Learning Violin By Jared Gwin
    I have been longing to learn violin from my teenage years but didnít have any clear idea about where and how to start. And there was no one to guide me .... the sound is simply too close to the ear. So, my advice would be to think several times before taking your final decision about learning to play violin.

  • 7 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Play Ukulele By Jared Gwin
    Are you new in string based instrument community? Are you already a master player of guitar or violin? It doesnít matter in which group youíre in because .... moments? Learn to play Ukulele, carry it to public gatherings, and change the vibe of the moment instantly. So, donít wait anymore. Start learning today.

  • 5 Banjo Tips for Beginners That You Must Know By Jared Gwin
    Our body starts dancing hearing the melodious sound of a banjo anywhere. It's a mighty instrument that cheers up our mind instantly. Many young .... hope while learning an instrument. Because after some time, it gets frustrating. You'll have nothing to worry about once you overcome that period.

  • What has happened to Music By Sebastian Wyatt
    Many people will remember the Ďgood old daysí of Jazz, RockíníRoll and Pop music of the late 20th century. The large majority of the younger generation .... university in the U.S. However, I think that music will loop back around or at least change in the future, and hopefully be something worth listening to.

  • Top 5 Concert Ukulele Everyone Should Know By Brian Henderson
    Ukulele comes in 4 different sizes. From the smallest to the largest, the names are Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. Here, weíll talk about the Concert .... Ukuleles out there with different materials, different finish, and different feels. Also, you can know about some more Concert Ukuleles that are the best.

  • Start Learning Piano with These 5 Yamaha Digital Piano By Brian Henderson
    When I wanted to start learning piano, I got so many suggestions from my friends. Some say to buy this, some says buy that, look for this, etc. It got .... that much budget. If you think you can manage that, Iíll recommend you buy that type of piano. Donít wait, choose one from above and start learning today.

  • Benefits Of An Internet Piano Course By Jan Willem Frinking
    The world as we all know it has changed dramatically in less than a generation since the world wide web was launched. There is an unlimited amount of information .... beginner piano playing levels as I stated previously. So you must when getting to a certain phase, have piano classes with a certified piano instructor.

  • How To Play The Piano Basics By John Frinking
    There has been an increase of available online piano lessons over the past couple of years. To learn piano online would be too difficult according to many .... appropriate for the lower degrees of studying the piano. You will certainly need to go to a certified piano instructor when you get to a specific stage.

  • Piano or keyboard: Whatís the difference? By Lynn Rae
    In this age of technology, everything is rapidly changing. An instrument that was once the size of a sofa can now be kept in a bag and taken anywhere you .... deciding whether or not to try their hand (or hands) at a keyboard based upon their personal tastes and the requirements of their performances and venues.

  • A List Of 10 Inspiring Books Every Student Must Read! By John Bishop
    There is no college that doesnít facilitate students with books library. Reading is a passion for many students and this is why educational organization .... now that the list of books shared in the above passage is the best source of information for student who looks for reading and learning opportunities.

  • Benefits of Taking up Keyboard Lessons for Children By Simon Kirk
    Music is the way to express our inner feelings. It is the combination of math and art. Learning piano is a hallmark of kids. Piano is known as one of .... practice makes a man perfect. Regular practice from the early days of life makes children such a great piano player in their life that they never think about.

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