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  • Keep Your Cat Safe From Holiday Plants By Tammy Thomas
    Lots of people know that some holiday plants are poisonous to pets. Mistletoe and Holly are some of the best known but did you ever think about your Christmas .... sometimes excessive drooling. Tremors or seizures may be seen is some cases when Holly berries have been ingested. Coma and death are common in these cases.

  • Things You Didn't Know About Cats By Tammy Thomas
    Cats are unique creatures. Some of their habits may seem unusual to many but serve a cat well. The following are some interesting facts about cats. .... and seven pads on their front paws. These pads normally are the same color as a cats fur. ⦁ A cat can only retract the claws on its front paws.

  • Why A Cat Tree Is Good For Your Cat By Tammy Thomas
    Cats love to climb! Help keep your furniture and decorations safe by adding a cat tree to your home. It will keep your cat occupied and happy thus helping .... offer your cat a playground all their own within the safe walls of your home. Make your home a cat friendly space by adding a cat tree for your kitty.

  • Cat Courageous - Adopting A Cat By Angela Pellerin
    Summary: Being cat courageous is recognizing the beauty of a cat and then courageously giving them a second chance by adoption. There are many pros and .... has her "spot" when its dinner time and her after dinner lounging tunnel. Biskers adds royalty to the household by her mannerism and demands.

  • Trap-Neuter-Return Program By Angela Pellerin
    Summary: I read an article on the Trap-Neuter-Return program possibly coming to our county. I vaguely know about this program though. It will be interesting .... Have any of you experienced the TNR program in your area? If so, what are your thoughts about how effective or ineffective the program is in your area.

  • The Story About the Magic of a Cat's Tail By Angela Pellerin
    The magic of a cat's tail can be truly a wonder to any cat owner. Last night I tried to settle down my thoughts for the night. Having been given .... those heavy thoughts didn't disappear with the touch of her tail, the moment was enough to bring temporary peace. Have you experienced such a moment?

  • How to Lessen Hairballs for Your Cat By Jennifer Ayalon
    Every cat owner is well familiar with the Ďhorkingí sound that their cat makes every week or two that results in a compact hair sausage being deposited .... fat cats are more likely to be constipated, which slows down the normal passage of matter through the intestines and contributing to hairball accretion.

  • Why You Should Vaccinate Your Cat By Jennifer Ayalon
    Until fairly recently, cats, like people and dogs, were subject to illness and possible death from what are now preventable diseases. The lives of millions .... possibility of your infected cat spreading the virus to you and your family should overrule any fears you may have about side-effects from the vaccine.

  • Why Declawing Your Cat is a Bad Idea By Jennifer Ayalon
    Owners of cats will often consider having their pet declawed when scratching becomes a problem. Itís true that cats can cause considerable damage to furniture .... avoid it. There are other options to this painful procedure and if you take the time to train your cat, you can enjoy each other for many years to come.

  • A Historical View of Cats By Jennifer Ayalon
    Although it may well make dogs a bit jealous, the most popular pet in the United States is now the cat. Capable of showing affection, tidy in habit, certainly .... deadly hunters of rodents, these independent, beautiful, and intelligent creatures are important and cherished members of millions of homes worldwide.

  • Provide Your Outdoor Cat with a House for More Comfort By Petar Petrov
    Cat furniture doesnít just have to be for inside your home; it can also be used outdoors. Some cats prefer to be out in the big, wide world, especially .... even the most simple cedar cat house is waterproof, warm and strong. It is just the safest place for your cat to relax while itís not inside your home.

  • Five Ways To Handle Cat Behavior Problems By Steven Tucker
    Quite a few people who get a cat as a family pet at some time might notice a variety of cat behavior problems. These are behaviors that you don't .... should consider. Often this can help keep the cat from continuing doing things that you do not like. Keep at it and your cat's behavior will change.

  • Lure Your Cat to Drink More Water through Pet Drinking Fountain By Joshua Valentine
    Majority of pet owners can prove to the fact that cats are particular. They will only eat specific kinds of food out of a certain type of bowl. What many .... tract, live, and kidney problems. That can be solved along with a pet drinking fountain. Eliminate walking around the house turning faucets on and off.

  • Five Tips for Selecting the Best Cat Tree By Petar Petrov
    One of the best ways to satisfy your catís curiosity and keep in shape is to provide her with a cat tree. Since there are many such trees offered in the .... both you and your cat. Keeping all these things in mind, now you can choose a secure, well-balanced, and stable cat tree, and keep your pets happy.

  • Helpful Advice on Caring for Senior Cats By Darrin Swain
    Sooner or later, your beloved cat will start to get old and experience physical changes. This typically occurs between the ages of seven and ten. However .... his opinion of it. Examinations conducted twice a year will hopefully catch any diseases early on, which would hopefully make it easier to deal with.

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