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  • What if I Think My Cat is Feeling Depressed? By Urshla Mclaurin
    How Do I Know If My Kitten Is Depressed, Angry or Agitated? Well, the first thing I want to talk to you about is if your kitten doesn't respond when .... When they do that, they are just mimicking so you want to show them a good atmosphere ... show them that you love and care for them and they'll stop.

  • Kitten Care Video for Newly Found Outside Kitten By Urshla Mclaurin
    How Do I Turn An Outside Cat Into A Domestic Animal For My Home? It's pretty easy although a little difficult at first. You'll get the hang of .... for food outside, therefore they will adjust to the indoor environment quickly. These are a few ways you can turn an outside cat into a domestic animal.

  • How to Choose Two Kittens - Boys, Girls or Both? By Urshla Mclaurin
    I'm Thinking about Getting Two Kittens, Should I Get Two Boy Kittens or Two Girl Kittens? In my opinion, I think you can get either and the reason .... home, it's your house, it's your kitten and it will become your cats, so my suggestion is to get two kittens to love regardless of the sex. ‚ÄÉ

  • A Kitten Care Video on Solutions for Kittens Eating Trash By Urshla Mclaurin
    How Do I Stop My Kitten or Cat From Eating Out Of the Trash? The simple answer to this question; stop feeding your cat table food. If you have been feeding .... sick. So - those are the things that you want to prevent, these are also the solutions that can stop your cat or kitten from going inside your garbage.

  • Kitten Care Tips on Cats That Sleep on Your Furniture By Urshla Mclaurin
    How Do You Stop Your Kitten From Sleeping On Your Furniture? Well, let's see; kittens shed a lot of hair, they scratch, they get on top of everything .... when they are kittens or when you first bring them home, don't let them on your furniture, and remember NO goes a long way in training your kitten.

  • How to Take Care for Young Kittens that Suckle By Urshla Mclaurin
    How Can I Prevent My Kitten Or Adult Cat From Suckling? There are two reasons why kittens may have a suckling problem; you can determine this by looking .... find their own object to suckle on. The best type of toys to buy are the chewy toys for them to bite, this will takes their attention away from suckling.

  • How You Could Deal with the Spoiled Cat By Urshla Mclaurin
    What Should I Do With a Spoiled Kitten? I've went through this phase of spoiling kittens and in the end, it is not really pretty, or cute, not at .... have taught them, and all the goals you have set out to accomplish. So stop spoiling your kitten. That's the best way to do it. Set some goals.

  • Find Out Kitten Care Tips on Showing Cat Affection By Urshla Mclaurin
    How Do Kittens Show Affection? Each kitten will show their affection in their own way. Currently I have four males and each will show their affection .... you don't love them, they will do everything in their power to irritate you. Therefore, it's always best to show your cat lots, and lots of LOVE.

  • Where To Find Kittens For Sale By Jason Cattery
    Where To Find Kittens For Sale When God created Earth, he created humans to run the place for him and animals to make humans understand the meaning .... and quantity. So if you are really serious about buying a kitten, make sure you log on to this cat breeders' directory and find your perfect match.

  • Know What Your Cat's Meow Means By Urshla Mclaurin
    How Do You Know What A Kitten Wants By Its Meow? I'm going to give you three, actually four different meows. A silent meow - that means he' .... If you hear this meow, make sure you deal with this and identify the problem right away because this cat is going to run away and will never come back.

  • Make Your Kitty Healthy and Fit By Elaine Abigayle
    Oftentimes you will notice that your particular pussy-cat is apparently just a little on the heavy side. Your kitty might have grown very lazy and a bit .... veterinarian if you're really concerned with the issue. You're going to get a number of pointers on helping that specific kind of cat to lose weight.

  • Help Your Own Cat to Lose Weight By Elaine Abigayle
    From time to time you will notice that your particular kitty appears to be a little upon the weighty side. Your kitty may have grown sluggish as well as .... veterinarian if you're really worried about the problem. You're going to get some hints on assisting that specific type of cat to shed pounds.

  • Is Your Cat Not Eating and is Your Catís Weight Loss a Concern? By Chris Palmer
    Cats can be pretty finicky eaters at times. Itís part of their charming personalities. When your cat turns its nose up at food, donít worry too much. The .... over time you will become very intuitive to their symptoms and needs and will find that they do actually talk to us, itís just in a different language.

  • Kitten-Proof your Home By Derrick Anderson
    If you are considering bringing a kitten into your home or recently have, you will want to make sure that your house is kitten-proof. All kittens will .... safe environment to live and play in. Kitten-proof you home and provide kitten toys and you and your pet can enjoy one others company for years to come.

  • Choosing The Right Groomer for Your Cat in Newburgh, NY By John Lizard
    For all cat owners, their cat is top priority. You want your cat to be healthy, strong and well-groomed all the time. Choosing a groomer for your cat is .... take time to find the right groomer for your cat. But once you have chosen the right one, your cat will definitely be very grateful for all your efforts.

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