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  • Find the Best Heat Lamps By Jane Dabad
    Once you decide to get an Iguana pet, you have probably spent a lot of time surfing the internet for information on your exotic pet. If you have found .... way to keep your iguana happy and in good health. You want to try and keep your pet Iguana in a habitat that is as close as possible to its natural one.

  • About Crested Geckos By Jm Daniels
    The Crested Gecko, also known as the New Caledonian Crested Gecko or the Eyelash Gecko is believed to have originated from Southern New Caledonia. It was .... grab a gecko by the tail, it will detach its tail from its body as defense mechanism. While this is not fatal for the animal, the tail will not grow back.

  • Prevent Bearded Dragons Illness and Health Problems With Few Tips By Cj Clarke
    Bearded dragon can be great pet for lizard beginners and knowledgeable reptile hobbyists, but they do require some dedicated care. Pet lizard bearded dragons .... prevention methods. Always have a guideline for yourself as a pet owner if any health issues take place; this is vital for your bearded dragon health.

  • Nurture a Healthy And Happy Baby Bearded Dragon With These Simple to Follow Tips By Davis Smith
    The latest rage among the pet owners is to have possession of a bearded dragon. There are many who look out for baby bearded dragon. The little pet reptile .... being scared. Reach out the bottom of the body part, and support their body with another hand, let the body feel that it is standing firmly on your hands.

  • Understanding Your Lizardsí Social Behavior By Derrick Anderson
    Most desert lizards are territorial which means they will protect some part of their home range from others of the same species. Research in the Mojave .... aggressive toward both males and females and can inflict serious injuries upon their cage mates. Separate gravid lizards if any signs of aggression are shown.

  • How should you take care of bearded dragons? By Balwinder Singh
    People who love reptiles, bearded dragons can be good choice for them to keep as pet. These little creatures are always fun to keep and they can prove .... 7. While the shedding process, it is important for you to stand affirm and resist yourself from helping your dragon while they are losing their skin.

  • How to Breed Corn Snakes By Derrick Anderson
    When it comes to reptiles and having them as pets, the corn snake is one of the easiest to breed. No one knows how many are bred in captivity each year .... for good. Once this happens you can increase the frequency of feeding the female to help her provide the nutrition she needs for herself and her eggs.

  • A Guide to Keeping Desert Iguanas By Derrick Anderson
    As with chuckawallas, desert iguanas are not often available in the pet trade. Only Nevada allows the commercial exportation of this lizard. Several states .... supplementation during the first year. Hatchlings that were not hibernated reached sexual maturity in 1 year (personal communication, 1998, Tom Greb).

  • Bearded dragon care and feeding steps for beginners By Robert Care
    A little knowledge goes a long way to take bearded dragon care to ensure that your pet remains healthy. Owing a bearded dragon is an excellent option for .... body temperature normal. You donít need to take any special or extra measure, just follow the above guidelines and enjoy with your little bearded dragon.

  • Bearded Dragon Care for Starters By Dragon Care
    Bearded Dragons is an excellent option for reptile hobbyists who like to give pets more than just food and a place to live. Breaded dragon care is easy .... care. They arenít really high maintenance just following the above guidelines will give you a fair idea of what all is involved in a bearded dragon care.

  • Diets for the Bearded Dragon By Tom Wilson
    The bearded dragon diet could quite possibly be the most fastidious thing you may ever have to go through as far as pet diets go. Bearded dragons are omnivores .... bearded dragon diet and by being mindful of its needs. You can best server your pet for years to come, if you become an expert in bearded dragon care.

  • Determining the best dog leads By James Harding
    When you are planning on rearing a dog, it is always good to learn on the basics that should be observed in order to have the best results as well as maintain .... for an affordable rate. Reflex lead is a strong nylon dog lead that is available in three colors. The material is reflexive and good for a night walk.

  • Keeping a Clean (Fish-Friendly) Home By Robbie David
    My mom has taught me many things over the years, not the least of which is the importance of having a clean house. Not just because it looks nice-but because .... chemicals or treatments that you really don't need. The best way to keep your tank clean and well-maintained is by doing it yourself using the steps above.

  • Should You Choose Live or Artificial Plants for Aquariums By Evonne Higgins
    Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions regarding which plants for aquariums are best. For most people satisfaction may come from silk or plastic .... what works best for you and the time that you will be ready to commit. Plus ensure that you are prepared to take care of them if you opt to choose live.

  • The Right Planted Aquarium Setup By Faviola Blake
    Regardless of who you speak with concerning plants for aquariums as you will discover that every person most likely has their particular viewpoint. There .... become toxic if not immediately taken out. The plants, regardless of whether live or fake, are available for the fish's pleasure so remember this.

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