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  • Breeding Iguanas By Rob Stevenson
    Breeding iguanas can be a really fruitful experience for any iguana owner. During the breeding season, a breeder must place males and females together .... Since they get to know you from such an early age, they instantly bond with you and are thus more sociable and well behaved around you and other people.

  • The Basics of Iguana Pet Care By Rob Stevenson
    Iguanas have become the favorite household pets of many. Pet stores and the internet provide a wide range of information about raising these reptiles including .... relies on you for its survival in captivity and so by learning more about its needs, you will be able to provide optimal level of care for your pet iguana.

  • Top 10 Common Pet Iguana Illnesses By Rob Stevenson
    Iguanas are not immune to falling ill. Just like humans, they can become sick at any time and when it happens they will need the necessary treatment and .... your iguana's health. Should you notice any symptoms of these conditions be sure to take immediate action and if required take your pet to the vet.

  • The Importance of Proper Nutrition For Your Iguana By Rob Stevenson
    Proper nutrition is probably the most important factor, besides habitat, in determining whether or not you will have a healthy pet iguana. Iguanas require .... and disease free. Follow these simple guidelines when feeding your iguana and you are guaranteed to have a happy and healthy pet for years to come.

  • Dog Behaviour Training Guidelines By Mike Hickmon
    If you are a dog owner, whether you have had your dog for a while now or you have just gotten yourself a new puppy, you will understand just how important .... your dog because if you get angry or agitated, your pet will pick up on your mood and mimic it which can make it difficult to successfully train your dog.

  • Super Worms | Reptile Products | Live Crickets By Johny Smith
    Reptile products like lizards, salamanders and animals like frogs, tortoises and even spiders are fondly tamed and kept as pets all round the world. Their .... subjects to demonstrate life cycles of insects. This is possible only because they are large in size and also no special care is needed for them to survive.

  • Bearded Dragon | Reptile Products | Meal Worms By Johny Smith
    Stop searching reptile products and just wasting time and energy. You know where to go? Just at a click of your mouse reach all types of canned and live .... impaction if too many are fed together to your beloved pet-the bearded dragon. Always remember to have crickets as the best and the most apt meal for your pet.

  • European Pond Terrapins By Paul Bryant
    1. What are European Pond Terrapins? The strong and gorgeous turtles called ‘European pond terrapins’ Emys orbicularis (Linnaeus, 1758), are found .... the European pond terrapins hibernate? Yes they do and embed themselves in the underwater mud for up to seven months every year during cold season.

  • Your Red Eared Slider's Aquarium - What You Need to Set Up Your Slider's Aquarium By Angela Tindale
    When many people think of red eared sliders, the cute baby sliders sold in pet stores often come to mind. Sliders may look small as babies, but did you .... or have small parts that can become detached. If unsure of what to use, the reptile-safe decorations available at your local pet store should be okay.

  • Expert Tips For Trimming Your Iguana's Claws By Darrin Swain
    In the wild, iguanas need sharp claws to climb trees. However, you'll probably want to cut them off so you don't have to worry about them hurting .... very brittle. If his nails are very brittle, then you should wait to cut them after he's had a bath. The water will help make them much less brittle.

  • Some Interesting facts about reptile species By Maximum Hit
    There are many people who often love the idea of keeping exotic pets like reptiles in their homes. Lizard’s snakes and alligators are always in demand .... they are ectothermic, which means they get their body heat from external sources. Reptiles cannot regulate their body temperature internally as humans do.

  • Expert Tips For Iguana Proofing Your Home By Darrin Swain
    Iguanas are very curious and can cause a lot of damage to your home or themselves if let roam around unattended. If you want your iguana and house to remain .... re not around each other at all. If you do let them around each other, you need to watch them very closely. One of them can easily get injured severely.

  • Newbie's Guide to Choosing Iguana Pets By Darrin Swain
    Iguanas are one of the most common exotic pets. If you're considering getting one of these lizards, you should know a few things beforehand. Here are .... symptoms such as blackened tail tips and toes. However, some iguanas naturally have black patterns, so you shouldn't get this confused with dry gangrene.

  • Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pet Iguana By Darrin Swain
    Many people buy iguanas on a whim before knowing what proper care really entails. Iguanas require very special care. There are many things you need to .... breeding season, so you'll need to be prepared for a yearly behavioral change. This can be a problem if you have small children in your household.

  • Safety Tips For Dealing With an Aggressive Iguana By Darrin Swain
    Hostile iguanas can cause very serious harm to you. It's important that you're always cautious around these large lizards. Even those can are .... leave you open to be bitten or scratched. These lizards can leap quite a few feet, so you'll need to keep your distance to prevent it from happening.

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