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  • Stop Animal Cruelty to Indian Sloth Bears By Kathleen Schofield
    The Indian sloth bear is one of the helpless victims of animal cruelty on the Indian sub-continent. They are not alone, because other bear species .... sometimes desperately sick animals. I know that every caring person who reads this will want to reach out and help these poor bears.    

  • What You Should Know When Breeding Dwarf Hamsters By Cristian Stan
    Although it would be great to have a big hamster family, you should first find out if you are ready to face such a responsibility. Yes, baby hamsters are .... with a bad temperament or personality because these might be carried by their babies and you do not want a dozen grouchy and ‘bratty’ hamsters at home!

  • Taking Care Of Dwarf Hamsters By Cristian Stan
    Are you planning to get a dwarf hamster as a pet? If you are, there are a few things you need to know. First, you should know when is the right time you .... care of your pet hamster is a whole lot of fun. Feed them right, love them and know the signs and symptoms of a sick hamster and you will do just fine.

  • Tips to Remember When Sexing Dwarf Hamsters By Cristian Stan
    Pet owners should know the sex of their pets, and dwarf hamster owners are no exception. It is not enough to ensure that they are cleaned, housed and fed .... she will be uncomfortable inside it. From this container, you can simply observe and find out whether what you have is a male or female dwarf hamster.

  • Ferret Nutrition - The Best Ferret Nutritional Diet By Seth Evans
    After looking for the perfect ferret, the next step to take is to look for the right food. In the market, there are many products which have the word .... not get the desired vitamins and minerals it needs every day. Cleanliness of the spot where you put the water and food is also a must, too.   ***

  • Types Of Parrots By Alex Vitti
    You walk by a bird shop, or visit the aviary at the zoo, and there may be several types of parrots. You study them, and begin to wonder, "What types .... the least amount of care, and is easily trained to talk and do tricks. Budgies that are young, or those that have no cage mate, will learn most readily.

  • How to Stop A Screaming Parrot By David Schrinel
    Have you ever noticed that any TV shows with the rain forest as the background you hear parrots screaming? And then some of us go crazy when their pet .... and celebrate. You are making that noise far more rewarding than screaming, after you constantly reward the good sound, they will quit their screaming.

  • Koi Care: How to Take Care of Your Aquatic Pet By Andy Fletcher
    When you decide to keep Koi fish as pets, you must learn a few very basic and vital things about Koi care. Proper nutrition and water quality are the two .... fish from raccoons for these masked and dark circled bandits have been observed to be the most common predators, if you are really serious about Koi care.

  • 4 Endangered Animals in Need of Protection By Mark Bottell
    Endangered Wildlife: A Global Issue Across the globe, more and more animal species face extinction. From the rhinos and great apes in Africa, the elephants .... and destruction of their migratory routes and habitat. Poachers also have their role to play, with poaching for ivory, meat and hides being widespread.

  • An Introduction to Koi Ponds By Carol Miller
    Koi ponds have become a popular hobby in the world, and the reasons are clear as to why. Koi are beautiful, vibrant fish that can literally light your .... plants and flowers are also available for your pond. To build your own Koi Pond, read my blog at:

  • 20 Facts You Did Not Know About Coyotes By Razvan Jr
    This article will try and provide interesting facts about coyotes that we think you weren’t aware of: 1. The coyote has a very developed sense of smell .... creatures on this earth and people should try giving them the attention they need. Summary: This article presents 20 interesting facts about the coyote.

  • How to Choose The Right Parrot Breeder By Patrick Dell
    Owning parrots as pets is growing rapidly in popularity. Purchasing a parrot from a rescue organization or pet store is always an option. However, when .... right parrot breeder will allow the future owner to feel confident in the fact that they are purchasing a happy, healthy well-adjusted feathered friend.

  • Bagging and Transporting Koi By Carol Miller
    Koi, like any other pet, will have medical issues throughout its life, especially since Koi have been known to have a life span of up to 30 years. You .... that as little heat and sunlight can enter as possible. To build your own Koi Pond, read my blog at:

  • The Amazing African Grey Parrot By Patrick Dell
    The African Grey Parrot is one of the most highly intelligent and delightful breeds of bird to own as a pet. Because of their unique and amazing ability .... of this unique bird’s personality. Love them, play with them, keep them safe, and the African Grey Parrot can easily become your best friend for life.

  • How to Prevent Heron Theft By Carol Miller
    Herons are beautiful, majestic birds that have one major flaw. Herons love to feast on Koi, and where better then to find Koi then an unattended Koi pond .... may send the Heron searching for new feeding grounds. To build your own Koi Pond, read my blog at:

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