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  • Bearded Dragon Brumation By Salvatore Moya
    Bearded dragon brumation is a condition of dormancy amongst reptiles which is for some reason a lot like hibernation. During this time, the bearded dragon .... adjust to the needs of your pet dragon accordingly. The best thing that you can do at these times is to be informed and prepared so you’ll know what to do.

  • TIGER FAIL!! Vegetarian Tiger?? By Doug Smith
    SHERE KHAN Male Bengal/Siberian Tiger DOB 12/20/94 If you saw The Tiger Next Door on Animal Planet, then you saw the horrid conditions at the facility .... Dennis Hill's facility was finally shut down by USDA and the Indiana DNR in 2005, but the DNR allowed him to keep 3 tigers and now he has even more.

  • Arowana For Sale - Things To Know When Buying An Arowana By Dr John Smith
    The arowana fish has a wide following of adoring arowana admirers all over the world. Since the market for arowanas has increased and also the price of .... help you when deciding to buy an arowana. Some types and breeds of arowana don't come cheap so be alert and informed before handing over your money.

  • Arowana - A Brief History Of The Arowana Fish By Dr John Smith
    The arowana is a very old fish dating back to the Jurassic age which is roughly between 150-200 million years ago. The middle Jurassic age was known as .... mystery and hype that surrounds this ancient bred of fish known as the arowana and hopefully will promote an interest in you to look into this great fish.

  • Tips on Handling Leopard Geckos By Michael Corben
    Taking care of a leopard gecko does not only involve making sure that it has plenty of food, water, light and heating. Although of course, it is a fact .... reptile, then you should buy one. Start early; make your leo feel as comfortable as you can, and experience a wonderful pet relationship ahead of you.

  • Lion + White Tiger = Cameron & Zabu! By Doug Smith
    Work With Big Cats We get dozens of letters every day from people who tell us it has been their life long ambition to work with animals. Most of these .... died Zabu will be transferred to this new enclosure where they can live happily ever after. The dawn of the Golden Age is upon us. Are you awake yet?

  • Setting Up a Ferret Cage By Derrick Anderson
    If you are going to get a pet ferret you are going to need a cage for him to spend his unsupervised time in. Here we will cover the basics of setting up .... in the corner of the cage will, also, assist you in cleaning the cage. This, probably, won't eliminate all messes but it's better than nothing.

  • Helpful Information about Pet Chinchillas By Derrick Anderson
    The Chinchilla is a sweet pet and falls under the mammal family and, also, rodents. The family of chinchillas is known as Chinchillidae. They are similar .... in another place while you are cleaning their cage. In order to absorb the odor of their urine, you can sprinkle baking soda, lightly, through the cage.

  • "Bearcat" VS Pumpkin !! By Doug Smith
    Binturong or Bear Cat Common Name: Binturong Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrata) Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Viverridae .... popcorn. Status: Threatened How rare is this animal ? The International Species Information Service lists 252 worldwide, with 118 being in the U.S.

  • Leopard Gecko Losing Weight – A Warning Sign By Michael Corben
    Leopard gecko is an ideal pet for the whole family. It requires very minimal care and can live without any attention for several days. This pet is especially .... exposure to cold temperatures. If the temperature of the habitat is left imbalanced, more often than not, your gecko will really develop respiratory problems.

  • Leopard Gecko Mouth Rot Explained By Michael Corben
    Another common problem among leopard geckos aside from leopard gecko shedding problems is mouth rot. Leopard gecko mouth rot is also termed as stomatitis .... cases when the mouth rot has gone worst and could be hard to treat. In order to repair the problem, your leopard gecko may require undergoing a surgery.

  • Stuff About Pigs By Lisa Olson
    Pigs, the small pink mammals associated with farmyards, being smelly, dirty and greedy and, dare I mention it, bacon sandwiches. But pigs are much more .... Jodie from Amityville Horror – Scary and villainous And, more famous today Peppa Pig, every toddlers favourite character. Who else can you think of?

  • Housing Leopard Gecko By Michael Corben
    Leopard gecko is one of the most magnificent in the world of lizards. Leopard geckos are territorial. Meaning, they will fight to death for their territory .... this is the case, the smaller cage mates will be undernourished. To prevent this, separate the largest animal and observe if the situation will improve.

  • Facts about Ferrets By Derrick Anderson
    Ferrets are surely lovable and cute pets. They have average life of 8 years but may live up to 11 or 12 year. The male ferrets are known as jills and the .... name of their own that is Mustela furo. The ferret masters have wide variety of their pet names like furballs, carpet sharks, fuzzies, ferts and so on.

  • Making a Comfortable Cage for Your Chinchilla By Derrick Anderson
    The chinchilla cage is highly essential in order to make your pet happy and healthy. The cage must be correct in all senses and measures. The initial thing .... of cornstarch in order to give freshness to your pet’s home, never ever use talc powder. Keep the bedding disinfected, fungus free, and completely dry.

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