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  • Disney Princesses, and the threat of women who own non-alcoholic glass bottles By Thomas H Cullen
    In everyday life, itís perfectly acceptable for a woman to own alcohol. Women can have jobs, just like men, and they can run for office and they can pay .... glass bottles that contain alcohol arenít a threat to Disney Princesses, but glass bottles that donít contain alcohol are a threat Just donít ask me why

  • Do the atoms of US presidents want extra-terrestrials to play with themselves? By Thomas H Cullen
    An extra-terrestrial is a power that belongs to humanity. Extra-terrestrials are a way in which people motivate themselves, and a way in which people find .... seem to suggest that the entire situation is insurmountable. Of course though, the infinity of reality demands that humanity finds a way to overcome this.

  • Can the American suburban housewife beat Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar? By Thomas H Cullen
    The dynamic of this scenario, is that a threat which isnít supposed to be a threat is an actual threat. The basis of the threat is that its existence is .... suburban housewife and not Heyman and Lesnar which has the ability to be a symmetry of communication Ė the ability to exist without having to be referenced.

  • When a haunted house goes to war with sexiness By Thomas H Cullen
    If a haunted house and sexiness go to war with each other, the visual nature of the battle is hard to imagine. A haunted house is a supernatural house .... good thing shouldnít be the force to annihilate the bad thing, and so the logical thing is for a haunted house and sexiness to go to war with one another

  • Can the Taliban transport the universe into opinions from 1997? By Thomas H Cullen
    Categorize the Taliban as X, the universe as Y and opinions from 1997 as Z. For X to move Y, Y has to become the inability to move X. For X to move Y into .... the source o friction: the issue now is whether the United States should end itself so that the universe can have the right to battle against the Taliban

  • When a British Prime Minister talks about Best of the Best 2 By Thomas H Cullen
    In reality, any British Prime Minister thinks about Best of the Best 2 and nothing should come of it. However, itís also reality that when a British Prime .... elusive, but already one should have the feeling of being in awe. The picture of immobility controlling immobility is a spectacle, regardless of details

  • By buzzin', can Gene Hackman protect atoms from metaphors? By Thomas H Cullen
    The prospect that metaphors are a threat to atoms is an outlandish one. In the real world, people wouldnít feel that such an idea should be taken seriously .... is a part of lifeís internal development, but at the same time the issue is immune to its identity being undermined as a result of this ulterior truth.

  • Is the American suburban housewife the only reality that can't speak to reality? By Thomas H Cullen
    American is 1. Suburban is 2. Housewife is 3. 3 doesnít need 2, but it needs 1. 1 doesnít need 2 but it needs 3. 2 doesnít need 1 but it needs 3. .... Raines in The Sentinel elicits the need to act as if the American suburban housewife ought to be a type of reaction to Cristina Raines in The Sentinel.

  • Who is the master of the universe? By Thomas H Cullen
    Who is the master of the universe? By Thomas H Cullen On the surface, the ability to discover the identity of the master of the .... why the new revelation feels not just adequate but legitimately inspiring. The master is an equal to all, who can use all to the protection of all.

  • Can a press conference become a scientist? By Thomas H Cullen
    Can a press conference become a scientist? By Thomas H Cullen I find this question sacred .... scientist, is the day that trees and motorways can no longer just be trees and motorways, or that opinions and thoughts can just be opinions and thoughts.

  • Time in the Spirit World By Carolyn Molnar
    What?? Everyoneís getting ready to celebrate Halloween, and yesterday I saw my first Christmas decorations. Outside a supermarket, three young men were .... decorate the pine trees outside the supermarket. So what if I havenít bought any holiday gifts yet? Thereís no rush to go shopping. Iíve got plenty of time.

  • The Summit and Sedona By Carolyn Molnar
    The higher I climbed, the more wobbly my legs felt. According to the map, I was near Ė if not on top of Ė an energy vortex. I looked up. The summit of .... back to Sedona, and maybe lead a group of like-minded spiritual seekers as we meditate on the red rocks and experience the tranquil energies of peace.

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