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  • Sufficiency Economy is Philosophy or Economy System ? By Tewarit Maneechay
    What is Sufficiency Economy ? Between are Philosophy or Economy System or both. Unofficial translation from major trend of Thai Social(read about Thai .... Sufficiency Economy is capital economy that have moral. *can read article that concerning at and

  • The Socrates Secret By Patric Kavetoa
    Socrates was one of the worlds greatest philosophers the worlds ever known. He did something that only a handful of people throughout history have been .... it Best, in a wise old proverb saying,"He who treads softly will go far"PRINCIPLE #4Get the other person saying "Yes,Yes" immediately

  • Speculative and Theoretical By Jd Howard
    Truth, good and beauty. Every man thrives to accomplish and have their own perception of the 3. One man's good can be another man's evil. Right .... question of his life and strive to answer the question. He can be the only man with the key to open that book. The answer could possibly save many others.

  • Fractal Self By Marcus Travel
    We are everything All is One Everything is Illusion The Kingdom of Heaven is Within Phrases I hear again and again. Sometimes understood, but often .... become more sensitive to our reality and to ourselves – we can pick up on all that exists within us, and thus understand all that exists outside of us.

  • Philosophy and Ideas: Pathways to Peace? By David Hulme
    There are different ways of looking at the state of the world. Accordingly when it comes to international affairs, leaders propose differing foreign policies .... manufacture and of war itself comes to pass. In the meantime, lasting peace can come individually from within when the Spirit of God is active within.

  • Freedom is a Gift By Jacqueline Wales
    FREEDOM IS A GIFT This week is the Jewish holiday of Passover. It's a festival that's been celebrated for thousands of years and every year .... Hag Sameach. A good year. Be the best you can be for yourself and you will be the best you can be for others. Let us live in peace and harmony NOW.

  • Proving Evolution With The Dictionary By Randy Wysong
    Specious reasoning and clever crafting of definitions can make about anything appear to come true. As John Mackay (1852) observed, “When men wish to construct .... that does not legitimize any form of possession. Evolution means change, according to the dictionary, but that does not legitimize any theory of change.

  • Philosophy & Ideas: Hot & Cold Evil By David Hulme
    Have you ever heard of hot and cold evil? A few years ago a friend introduced me to the concept. Hot evil, he said, was the kind that outraged most .... a way out? Yes, there is. The answer lies in changing human nature. But is changing society and culture a simple task? It sounds impossible. But is it?

  • Descartes-Meditations on First Philosophy By Jeff Stats
    The Meditations of First Philosophy is considered one of most important of all of Descartes’ works. This philosophical study contains Descartes’ complete .... body, although they are different things because mind is indivisible, un- extended, and thinking, while the body is divisible, extended, and unthinking.

  • All humans are completely selfish By Justin Kander
    There is no such thing as an unselfish act. Maybe that doesn't make a lot of sense; people are always doing nice things for each other. Giving money .... person doesn't get any pride, doesn't feel compelled, and is guiltless, they will not perform the final act. It's that simple, you selfish pig.

  • The United State of Confusion By Peter Cross
    We live in a world of confusion that has its origin in the state of confusion existing within the minds of the vast majority of human beings on Earth. .... own confusion. If a sufficient number of people diminish their own confusion, the mass accumulation of positive power will eventually change the world.

  • The Meaning of a Single Rose By Fabiola Groshan
    Many feelings can be expressed by flowers, and this non-verbal language is very popular nowadays. Each one of us has sent at least one message to someone .... by roses or by a single red rose. It has been said that a single red rose speaks volumes, so choose the fines rose and send it to someone you love now.

  • How Napoleon Hill Got Me A Porsche By Nelson Berry
    We all want to improve! But picking the most straightforward, uncomplicated, undemanding, uninvolved and untroublesome way to improve is sometimes discouraging .... increased exponentially. I bet you can too! What is your "Porsche"? Are you ready? Warmly, Nelson D. Berry Subliminal Secrets Exposed

  • A Quarter Empty Or Three Quarter's Full - What's Your Mind Set. By Stan Lewis
    There are so many people in the world that go out of their way to find the negative, the errors, the wrongs, etc. in all areas of life they come into contact .... longer have a 1/4 empty mindset and then acting upon your new mind set by deciding upon and by putting into place the steps you need to meet this goal.

  • Find Happiness By Giving Happiness. By Lance Beggs
    Have you ever heard this quote? “There is a wonderful, mystical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life- happiness, freedom, and .... Just give it to someone else, and you’ll find more than enough is magically left behind for you. Give happiness. Be happy. And smile! Lance Beggs

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