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  • Philosophy of War and Human Beings By Ahmad Parvez
    Human characteristics are baffling in their complexity and contradictions. Manís capacity for ennoblement is equalled only by his capacity for debasement .... will have to intervene and restrain him by force. However, the problem is much more difficult when a nation commits aggression against another nation.

  • What is Successful Achievement of Maximum Health? By Carol Biondo
    Gone are "the good old times," when people were rugged and strong in the way that savages are rugged and strong, for evolution has decreed that .... merely the external effects of hidden causes of the mind. In order to successfully achieve maximum health we have to get back to the cause of the trouble.

  • The Power of Ethical Wills By Robin Watts
    Using Words That Heal The document he held in his hand read like a lawyer had charged him for more than time and effort. It was the beginning of healing .... moment of guiding others to learn to use this tool helps our own healing powers develop. Of all the medicines, words from the soul may be the most potent.

  • A Different Approach To The Alien Theory By Simon Bridge
    There has always been a clash in what we see and what we believe. Life is all about how we perceive it. Some consider it beautiful, some consider it to .... above all love ourselves more. We are here to live.So live life and spread the word of love, of peace and harmony, and we wont be aliens anymore!!!

  • Information About Zodiac Signs By Siva Karthikeyan
    Zodiac Signs is a Greek phrase, which actually means "Circle of Animal". That is why the ancient Hindus and Egyptians assigned names to the various .... 4)Cancer: It is the fourth sign of the Zodiac extending from 91-120 from June 22 to July 23.Its ruling planet is moon and operates on heart and chest.

  • Miscellaneous Information About Planets By Siva Siva
    (i)Exalted and Perfect Planets A Astrology planet which occupies its permanent housed and is in its own Raashi and is not adversely aspect by enemy .... (C) Jupiter in house no.7 and mars in house no 12. (d)Saturn in house no.1 and Mars in house no .10. (e) Jupiter in Libra and venues in Sagittarius

  • Ethics and Morality: Comparing Moral Values and Ethics By Brian Orchard
    We are shaped to a large extent by our cultural setting, whose moral values imprint themselves on our minds in ways most of us are unaware of. Music, movies .... Nostalgia for days gone by might lessen if young and old could enjoy their differences because of shared underlying principles of right and wrong.

  • Explanation Of Psychic Abilities By Keith Mcgregor
    Most people when they start there spiritual development process are often not aware of the difference between the different spiritual abilities and call .... psychic ability. With a better understanding of the spiritual abilities we can start to understand more about our spiritual growth. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

  • I Am Real Cool: Avoiding Personal Ad Disasters By Frank Vanderlugt
    When youíre considering what you should put into your online personal ad or profile, you might want to avoid using "I am real cool" and other such .... who you are. Even if you are "real cool," you can probably find some unique and interesting ways of showing this to those reading your profile.

  • About Unknown Flying Object (UFO) and Humanoid By Konstantin Schemelinin
    1. Did humanoid visited the Earth? 2. Is there UFO? 1. Did humanoid visited the Earth? Letís assume that the visit of humanoid into the Earth .... the two articles beautifully supplement each other: 1.† Humanoid never visited the Earth. 2.† There is no UFO and wasn't UFO on Earth.††

  • Imagine a religion-free World By Andreas Paris
    Humans have always believed in everything with some supernatural power. Entities like the Sun, the Moon, a great mountain, a storm wind and things like .... alien prince Enlil/Yahweh, who said 'I am your god' and his members of his Gold Mission, the messengers who became angels in the Christian Bible.

  • 27 Chinese Proverbs To Celebrate The Birthday of Confucius By Noel Jameson
    When it comes to Chinese proverbs, Confucius quotes tend to be the most enlightening and entertaining. After all, who can forget words like "Before .... earth spoke as many truths as he did. Throughout his life, Confucius spoke hundreds of wise words. These 27 Confucius quotes are just a sampling of them.

  • Human Nature, the Reality! By Ahmed Parvez
    What is the nature of human self, in the ancient and medieval philosophy the self was synonymous with the soul and the soul was believed to be an indestructible .... result of these traits was termed as an overall picture of personality or personality profile (King: Reading for an Introduction to Psychology, 1961).

  • Sufficiency Economy is Philosophy or Economy System ? By Tewarit Maneechay
    What is Sufficiency Economy ? Between are Philosophy or Economy System or both. Unofficial translation from major trend of Thai Social(read about Thai .... Sufficiency Economy is capital economy that have moral. *can read article that concerning at and

  • The Socrates Secret By Patric Kavetoa
    Socrates was one of the worlds greatest philosophers the worlds ever known. He did something that only a handful of people throughout history have been .... it Best, in a wise old proverb saying,"He who treads softly will go far"PRINCIPLE #4Get the other person saying "Yes,Yes" immediately

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