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  • Great Hydroelectric Projects - Three Gorges Dam By Laura Ginn
    It has been described as Chinaís most ambitious building project since the Great Wall. Operational since July 4, 2012, although it will not be completely .... back trillions of gallons of water, it remains to be seen if it will be successful in holding back the voracious energy appetite of the Chinese economy.

  • Natural Gas Powered Vehicles By Laura Ginn
    Natural gas is a naturally occurring fuel that burns much more cleanly than petroleum products such as gasoline or diesel. This is because it has much .... contender to replace them. The infrastructure is already being built, and every new natural gas vehicle that is put on the road will speed the process along.

  • Is It Possible to Gather Energy From Earthquakes? By Laura Ginn
    As you know, our world is searching for newer forms of energy since the existing sources are depleting fast. Todayís world is powered mainly by fossil .... could have a positive effect to our lives. If the science of this field advances further, we will get another renewable source for great amounts of energy.

  • Green Energy Sources That Are Becoming Mainstream By Laura Ginn
    Alternative energy sources are becoming more readily available to the average consumer for household use. It used to be that homeowners could only rely .... the grid for use by other users. At that point the homeowner receives payment from the electrical company for the power they feed back into the grid.

  • All About Renewable Energy Sources By Laura Ginn
    Most of the world's energy is currently produced by the burning of fossil fuels. The thing about fossil fuels, however, is that they are finite. Eventually .... fuels. Rather, it will be a combination of intelligently applied sources that will allow society to function long after fossil fuels have been depleted.

  • Unusual Solar Panels By Laura Ginn
    Conventional photovoltaic installations bring just what youíd expect: a technology that maybe isnít the most fashionable thing to look at, but provides .... power from the sun in ways people havenít ever dreamed of before. Such inventions are what lead us to the tipping point of the dominance of green energy.

  • Gas Providers Look to Panama Canal Expansion By Laura Ginn
    Originally, of course, the Panama Canal wasnít constructed with the idea that tons of liquefied gas would be shipped through its slim passageway, but that .... transit the Panama Canal." The timing, of course, from the U.S. point of view could not be better as it readies its gas to bring to world markets.

  • Solar Power Today - And Tomorrow By Laura Ginn
    We've all become used to seeing solar power in action. You can get pocket-sized panels to charge your mobile phone or you can get them many times larger .... The Wright Brothers first flew in 1903, yet less than 25 years later international commercial flights were commonplace. Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

  • The UK Carbon Tax and Commercial Electricity By Laura Ginn
    Among the scientific community, climate change is almost universally accepted as a factual phenomenon which is attributable to human activity. However .... obtaining more credits would be by purchasing them from companies that produce fewer carbon emissions, which would then profit from increased revenue.

  • Top 10 Ways to Save Water By Chelsea Terris
    Up to 65% of the adult human body is made up of water. We use water to clean our bodies, clothes, and dishes. We gulp water down after a hard workout. .... your own, you can limit water waste in your home and conserve energy. Want more tips? Contact your local plumber for professional water-conserving advice.

  • Cheap Contaminated Soil Disposal By Hugh Armstrong
    Contaminated soil is a very difficult "commodity" to dispose of cheaply and this is because of the contaminated in the soil can pose a danger to .... the privilege of signing the paperwork. If you took the Biogenie path you will just need to sign a piece of paper signing the soil over to Biogenie.

  • A Spectacular Assortment Of Solar Technology Tips, Tricks And Secrets By Foster Demarrais
    Choosing solar powered energy can be one of the guidelines on how to minimize the costs of energy consumption. Besides, you will certainly be prepared .... you with plenty good reasons to get the best green energy choice, solar powered energy. Having said that, extend your education by reading more online.

  • How Solar Panels Spare You Cash By Ira Buttler
    You hear about things like solar panels all the time on television and the radio, but have you ever REALLY thought about utilizing solar panels at home .... useful for home tasks. Experts are doing more research towards improving the efficiency of domestic solar panels as well as making them more economical.

  • Potassium Humate Benefits for Plants By Jian Han
    Agricultural experts are touting the benefits of potassium humate for growing plants to aide in increase our food sources. Many third world countries use .... to purchase chemically free and pesticide free foods, this natural fertilizer combination of potassium humate is the naturally organic consumer answer.

  • The optimization of chemical processes By Armand Pix
    Organic chemistry can meet the needs of various sectors such as biotechnology, agrochemical or pharmaceuticals for example. In all cases, organic chemistry .... confidentiality and timeliness. To meet increasing demand in organic chemistry, in 2008, the company NewChem has expanded at both the local and staff.

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