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Cancer / Illness Articles
Home Health & Fitness Cancer / Illness

  • Why Cancer is Actually Promoted By The Consumption of Acidic Food By Alan Wighton
    Cancer has many causes but the main one is the food we eat everyday. Many years ago we were all consuming a diet of mainly alkaline food but today that .... make is with the food you eat and that you select from a more alkaline range. Also make sure itís fresh and that it has had minimal interference by man.

  • Truths vs Myths Relating to Your Toddler and a Fever By Rebecca Lynne
    There are lots of myths out there concerning what to do when your child gets a fever. Several of these myths are attributed to your "grandmaís" .... child suffering from heat stroke or another form of hyperthermia (like experiencing a brain injury or being in a closed car on a hot summer day, etc.)

  • Handling Bad News By Laurie Miller, Cch
    You or a loved one have been dealing with a health crisis. You may be having issues or you might think you are going along just fine and you get into the .... and more powerful. © 2013, Hypnosis Concepts. Publication rights granted so long as article and byline are reprinted intact, with all links made live.

  • The Real Cause of Cancer And How to Reverse it Through Dietary Changes By Alan Wighton
    For someone whoís been diagnosed with cancer there is one thing they will never be told and that is what caused it? The conventional approach to cancer .... that doctors should know are beneficial to our health. The most powerful weapon in the fight to conquer cancer is the food you choose to eat everyday.

  • Where is The cure For Cancer Weíve Been Promised? By Alan Wighton
    We are not winning the war against cancer and our medical system doesnít have the answers to the problem. Itís our number two killer in western societies .... it works for everyone. A quick way to remove cancer is never the best way because it will only come back again and thatís when it becomes dangerous.

  • Critical Illness Benefits: Whatís Covered? By Laura Ginn
    Youíve made a smart decision to look into securing additional coverage to finance your care in case youíre ever put into a position of needing serious .... may be a bit of work to sort through, but itís far better to handle the matter now, than later, when your doctor invites you to sit down for his news.

  • Treating Cancer Effectively Means Treating The Body Instead of Just The Growths By Alan Wighton
    Our current treatments for cancer attack the growths with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy with little success but a far more effective way is to heal .... their health and learn about these ways to heal the body. Cancer is seldom cured by just treating it but it can be cured with changes through knowledge.

  • Breast Cancer And a Double Mastectomy, Here Is The Truth About It By Alan Wighton
    With the high profile case recently of someone having a double mastectomy which is the surgical removal of both breasts as a preventative measure against .... growth of tumors. But you wonít hear doctors telling women to eat more fruit and vegetables because that doesn't make the cancer industry money.

  • What is Angiogenesis And How Can it Help Me Fight Cancer By Alan Wighton
    Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels in the human body that support the growth and development of new body cells. It is an essential part .... so therefore to fight cancer successfully we must turn to nature to solve the problem. Nature has always had the answers to cancer whereas man does not.

  • The Importance of Food To Eat Or Not Eat When Dealing With Cancer By Alan Wighton
    The most important change you can make if you are serious about overcoming cancer is the food you put in your mouth. Cancer is closely related to what .... nobody can improve on nature. Remember there is no treatment or drug and there will never be one that cures the reason why cancer first developed.

  • TIMP1 & IL6 antibody used in cancer research By Biorbyt Ltd
    There are many scientists around the world that are dedicated to finding cures for various diseases. Prominent research focuses on various kinds of cancer .... myeloma, and rheumatoid arthritis. You can buy the TIMP1 antibody and IL6 antibody, as well as many other antibodies and reagents from Biorbyt Ltd.

  • The Reasons Why Just Killing Cancer Cells is Often of Little Help By Alan Wighton
    The focus today with our cancer treatments are to remove it quickly before it spreads and yet we are all conscious of the fact that there are more people .... basic. Remember remission is not a cure, nor is just removing symptoms a cure and thatís why our treatments today with their toxic drugs seldom work.

  • We Cannot Cure Cancer Unless We Know What Caused it By Alan Wighton
    We all believe that to cure cancer all you have to do is to remove it. Of course doctors are very good at removing cancer but unfortunately with nearly .... refuse any toxic treatment and instead treat the whole body which will help you overcome the problem. It works for all cancers and works for everyone.

  • Metastatic Breast Cancer data By Antone Alger
    America received a shocking piece of news in March 2007. John Edward's wife, Elizabeth, experienced been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer treatment .... with the fascinating details about metastic breast cancer treatment investigation is usually that new drugs and practices are sometimes being trialed.

  • The Limited World of Illness: Why Coping Mechanisms Are Important By Laurie Miller, Cch
    In April 2012, I had surgery for a brain tumor. At first my efforts were focused on managing life, not necessarily living it. I thought maybe the reason .... fun, and freedom. © 2013, Hypnosis Concepts. Publication rights granted so long as article and byline are reprinted intact, with all links made live.

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